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I never realized how much I would enjoy hanging out with my family. Maybe not all at one one time, but individually it's nice. Yesterday I spent like two hours with my younger sister just listiening to old-school records, talking about the finer points of see-through or marbled vinyl. I forget just how surprisingly interesting my siblings can be.
Finally some integrity has been brought back.


Its no surprise that south Orange County is some what of a bubble. Especially Rancho Santa Margarita, where I work. Rancho is a small city where the infamous Coto De Caza People live (A city within a city, guarded by high fences and scary security). The city exists in a valley surrounded by small mountains. The only way in and out is through toll roads that snake in and out through hills. The streets are large and and dark once the sun goes down. During the day their is constant traffic but once 5 o'clock hits the city shuts down. Business's close and people go inside their homes. A city that is guarded from the outside world by its landscape, it become clear that its a bubble.

I feel like I have lived in my share of cities through out my life, LA and Orange County but I always seem to branch out into other areas while living their. I made frequent trips to the city of LA and to the coast. But after living here Ive become complaisant. Im starting to feel that bubble and the regular and routine, whether it be for the good or not. Im not sure if it's me getting older or this place is starting to change me.
So summer is here and so far its not to bad. Already had a blast last weekend goin camping. And a couple more trips planned out for July. Hopefully they will be as good as the camping trip.

Other than that just working and summer school. I swear I feel like I have been going to junior college forever. Its like a cult you never seem able to leave. Hopefully if all goes according to plan I can transfer next year.


You are a rational egoist.
I am a rational egoist.
We live in a state of nature.

Jan. 6th, 2008

Today Was an interesting day. I popped a tire while driving off the exit into Garden Grove. Me and Geo used our man skills and put the spair on. I had to take it to Walmart because that was the only tire place open on sundays. To get to the point I blew 200 bucks on three new tires because for some reason all the tires on my car were different sizes. And I have mostly GEo to thank for that because I would have not have popped my tire if I didnt have to take him to to his stupid traffic school. Thanks alot asshole!

Dec. 30th, 2007

I cant understand how quicly this year went. Overall I was satisfied with it. Its probably been the most productive year of my life. Ive pushed myself to find my peotential and that was really exciting for me. I have alot more confidence because of it and I cant wait to see what I can accomplish next year.
So I just realized I have been out of High School for 2 1/2 years. I cant believe its been that long. Time seems to just fly by and I cant help but feel like I havent done much to show for it. Im sure working and school play a big part in that but I think I just need to get out more and do stuff with friends and family.
So the semester is finally over. This was probably the hardest semester with work and stuff. But I passed all my classes so thats good.This break has been relaxing. I litteraly have been doing nothing other then working. But I dont even care.

I quite smoking last friday.



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